How FTP 2 Cloud Works

When you sign-up for beta, you’ll be placed in an orderly queue.

Once the FTP 2 Cloud overlords have the time to setup your account, you’ll receive your personal FTP space, assuming some is available.

You know you have an account when you receive a notification of your personal FTP space. Simply follow the directions on how to proceed as outlined in your welcome email.

There is an automatic polling of your FTP space approximately every 15 minutes. When it finds a new file, it will attempt to use your personal configuration and copy your file to your Amazon S3 space.


  1. Receive your welcome email with FTP space login details (did you check your spam?)
  2. Complete your Amazon S3 configuration file and upload this to your FTP space.
  3. Upload a file to your FTP space that you want copied to Amazon S3.
  4. Go make a cuppa tea.
  5. Wait.
  6. If you check the out and staging folder and they’re both empty, your file has been successfully copied.
  7. Dance a merry jig.
  8. Tweet about how much fun FTP 2 Cloud is.

How cool was that?