FTP to Amazon S3 Service

FTP to Amazon S3With FTP2Cloud you can in effect FTP your data to your Amazon S3 buckets.

FTP2Cloud gives you your own personal FTP-to-AmazonS3 space.

Simply FTP copy your files to there and then wait a few minutes while the automated FTP2Cloud transfer system copies it to your Amazon S3 account.

It can’t get any easier than that!

Once a file is successfully uploaded to your Amazon S3 account, it is deleted from your FTP2Cloud space. This clears up some of your space so you can add more.

No FTP-to-Amazon S3 Transfer Limits

Currently there is no transfer limit to how much data you can FTP to Amazon S3.

The only limit we impose just now is the FTP account quota. This is solely to prevent abuse of the system while it is in early development stages.

Of course, if you require more space, you can contact us at [email protected].